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Applications Technologies Company
ATC has an engineering and research facility located at 3806 April Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43227. The facility includes office space, a conference room, a metallurgical lab, and a manufacturing laboratory. The facility supports efforts of prototype development, metallurgical analysis, materials joining, and other applications research.
Our mission is to provide clients with the technical concepts and tools necessary to assist them in achieving and maintaining global competitiveness.
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About Us
Our manufacturing and weld development facilities include the necessary equipment to support general fabrication, machining, materials joining, and product development activities. ATC has materials joining equipment for submerged arc welding, (SAW), plasma transferred arc welding (PTAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW)and plasma arc welding (PAW) as well as well as other conventional welding processes. We have in-house machining capabilities that can handle the majority of common machining operations associated with R&D type work. We have heat treating capabilities that include an atmospheric oven and resistance type systems. Automation capabilities include a MotoMan robot system, conventional side beam manipulators, a Bug-O tractor, and other weld manipulation systems.
ATC also has a materials testing lab that included a variety of capabilities to meet vendor specific needs. Mechanical test equipment includes a variety of hardness testers, charpy and tensile testing systems, bend testing, and fatigue testing equipment. Our metallurgical capabilities include sample preparation and polishing equipment, digital microscopes for both microscopic and macroscopic evaluation, and hardness testing.

In addition, ATC maintains a wide range of calibrated measurement and layout equipment to accommodate a variety of needs.