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Applications Technologies Company has a highly diversified engineering staff with a focus on welding engineering and related manufacturing solutions. Our Engineering Services Group is comprised of in-house engineers, highly specialized associate engineers, and specialized welding and lab technicians who work together to accommodate your welding related needs. Our team includes welding engineers, mechanical engineers, professional engineers, certified welding inspectors, PhD's, Doctors, quality engineers, data analysts, certified welders, and lab technicians.
• Welding Engineering Support and Trouble Shooting
• Production Assessment and Cost Saving
• Reverse Engineering
• Weld Process Selection and Optimization
• Weld / Material Failure Analysis
• Welding Related Project Management
• Repair Procedure Development
• Weld Design and Modeling
Defect Reduction
Productivity Enhancements
Applications Technologies Company (ATC) is the premier welding engineering enterprise in the US.
ATC was established by a group of engineers to offer customized welding and manufacturing solutions.
Our mission is to provide clients with the technical concepts and tools necessary to assist them in achieving and maintaining global competitiveness.
With our extensive welding engineering and fabrication experience, ATC offers a very effective and efficient approach to the application of welding and manufacturing technology to maximize your company's bottom line.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Welding Prototyping and Design for Manufacturability
• Onsite Welding Support
Welding Engineer Consulting
Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
• Fitness for Service
• Professional Witness
• Risk Assessment
• Continuous Improvement Support
ATC can help with your welding needs. We offer a range of services to solve manufacturing challenges, improve quality, meet code requirements and increase productivity.
Our Engineering Services include:
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