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Applications Technologies Company (ATC) is the premier welding engineering enterprise in the US.
ATC was established by a group of engineers to offer customized welding and manufacturing solutions.
Our mission is to provide clients with the technical concepts and tools necessary to assist them in achieving and maintaining global competitiveness.
With our extensive welding engineering and fabrication experience, ATC offers a very effective and efficient approach to the application of welding and manufacturing technology to maximize your company's bottom line.
Applications Technologies Company offers a wide variety of quality related services to assist clients in resolving existing weld related issues as well as working with customers in risk management efforts. We also have extensive experience working with clients through worst case scenarios in which a field failure has occurred or a defect is discovered and immediate containment / corrective response is needed.
• Weld Quality System Development
• TS
• LEAN/Six Sigma Effort Support
• Design of Experiments
• Optimization of Productivity / Defect Reduction
• Onsite consulting / 3rd Party Weld QA Review
• 3rd party Weld Audits
• Risk Management
• Root Cause Analysis, 5-Why, 8d Support
• 3rd Party Weld Review / PPAP
• Containment
• Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Services
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